Knowmark Travelblog: Madrid 2003

Friday, October 17

Arrival - orientation

Our first visit to EspaƱa has officially begun! We got checked in this afternoon; our apartment (at Apartamentos Goya 75) is about what we expected - nothing special, but entirely functional. And, the price is exceptional! It is a lovely day - some clouds, some sun, very comfortable.

We did a short walkabout just to get oriented. This included shopping for a few necessities. In the process we discovered that we were only a block from the Mercado Torrijos. This is a huge indoor market (six days a week) where you can get just about any foodstuff that you want. Excellent for us, since we have a housekeeping apartment!

Foregoing our usual siesta, we went out later for our first taste of tapas at Bar la Ardosa. We each had some excellent sherry (amontillado) and our tapas were olives with mussels, plus some very good fried pork rind. Later, after some more exploring, we ate a smallish typical (cold) supper in our apartment - cheese, olives, bread, wine. Our first impression of the neighbourhood is very favourable.