Knowmark Travelblog: Madrid 2003

Thursday, October 23

Manet at the Prado · Madrid webcam

Yet another lovely day in Madrid (2.5 on the Knowmark Weather Scale). It only missed a perfect 3.0 because it was chilly all day. After our normal morning routine, we walked down to Museo Nacional del Prado for the special Manet exhibit. El Prado is a 20-25 minute walk from where we are staying.

The Manet exhibition was certainly worthy of our undivided attention. There are 110 works, which include nearly all of his best known pieces. As mentioned in yesterday's narrative, photographs were not allowed, so currently we are not able to provide any photographs. However, we will try to find on-line links to some of our favourites. If interested, check back in a few days. In any case, it is a truly wonderful exhibition (at least, to our untrained eyes). And, it's on until 11 January 2004, so there's still time!

We spent part of the day walking up to where our favourite Madrid webcam is located ... it's somewhere in the vicinity of Las Torres Blancas which is a very interesting looking building. (Were we close, Luis?) On the way up we stopped for lunch at Restaurante Cassandra where once again we enjoyed menú del día. Steve started with judías verdes con jamón while Susan had ensalada toledana con escarola, both of which were delicious. This was followed by callos madrileños for Susan and tortilla francesa con jamón de york for Steve. This was the first time Susan had tried tripe although she's been meaning to for some time. And, it will probably be the last time! Turns out it's not her favourite although the broth was delicious. Wonderful chocolate cake (sk) and fresh pineapple (sm) finished off a good lunch - so good we went back for tapas later on. Please note the "arty" photograph (second one on today's list) with Susan's face reflected in the door of the restaurant :-}

Tomorrow's plan is to wander around "old Madrid", starting with Plaza Mayor followed by a bit of shopping. ยก'a luego!

Menú del día at Cassandra
Menú del día at Cassandra

Susan outside the Cassandra Restaurante
Susan enjoying the sun

Calle de General Pardiñas near Goya [1]
On the street where we live (looking north)

Calle de General Pardiñas near Goya [2]
On the street where we live (looking south)

Steve on Calle de General Pardiñas
Esteban (on the street where we live)

Torres Blancas [1]
Torres Blancas 1

Torres Blancas [2]
Torres Blancas 2

Concrete truck in Madrid (for Murray)
For Murray Sr.