Knowmark Travelblog: Madrid 2003

Saturday, October 25

Luis de Avendaño  ·  ¡'dios!

Our last full day in Madrid and we have spent a very lazy Saturday so far (after going out for café and the Financial Times, of course). We had a light breakfast and then proceeded to wander the neighbourhood (which we really like) a bit, doing some last-minute shopping. Then, a last visit to CyberFutur@ to upload photos from Thursday and Friday and do some general internet catchup. Preliminary packing is underway :-}

We met Luis de Avendaño (of Madrid Skyline fame) for drinks this evening (our last!) at our favourite haunt - Taberna Ultreya. Luis was most interesting and friendly, and demonstrated wonderful Madrileño hospitality. We spent a very enjoyable early evening with Luis and look forward to the opportunity to visit him again next year.

The weather rating was a just tolerable 1.0 today.

We are leaving very early in the morning (Sunday, 26 October). ¡'dios, Madrid!